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Camel's powerful antiseptic contains Dichloro-meta-Xylenol/ Lime extract and is effective for treating spots, pimples, cuts, bite, abrasions, cleaning, and for disinfecting.

Camel has been trusted by generations to fight bacteria and kills 99.9% of germs. The products can be used to moisturize skin, clean wounds (first aid), prevent skin infections/blemishes and to sterilize clothes and sharp instruments.

Camel gives you and your family a complete protection from germs.


Product Information

The current range of Camel products include:

  • Camel Standard
  • Camel Lime Fresh
  • Camel Mild Orange
  • Camel Standard (1 Litre bottle)
  • Camel Lime Fresh Soap
  • Camel Aloe Vera Soap

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