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Health and Safety

Health & Safety

We are committed to developing the highest standards of occupational health and safety and we seek to provide safe working environments for all of our employees, contractors and visitors and to ensure compliance with all relevant health and safety laws and regulations at all our places of operation.

PZ Cussons regards the health and safety of its employees as a fundamental business responsibility and is committed to maintaining and improving performance built on a platform of regular reviews and practical actions, sustained through an effective management programme which is supported across all our sites.

Health and safety is reviewed regularly by the Group Risk Committee which ensures that any related risks are properly identified, assessed and prioritised and that appropriate action to mitigate and manage risk is actioned through our responsible business units across the geographies we operate in.

Our business operates across a diverse cultural network in several geographies around the globe. This raises challenges in maintaining a common standard and approach to health and safety. To ensure the business appropriately manages this, we have a comprehensive set of internal safety management standards which are based on EU legislation and are currently being rolled out to all sites for them to build their local procedures from, in line with the relevant local regulatory compliance. This ensures the business has a consistent standard which incorporates the local requirements so it can be embedded effectively.

Health and safety heads up our balanced Supply Chain Manufacturing Strategy (Safety, Quality, Delivery, Moral, Cost). PZ Cussons is committed to fully embedding good health and safety practices into our everyday operations. Each business unit, under a continuous improvement agenda, has embarked on a programme to continually evolve this balanced strategy and has stretching health and safety targets to ensure drive and progress.

In addition to this, the Nigerian business has engaged with a leading global consultancy to benchmark and evolve the current health and safety management programme to further improve the systems and awareness across the site teams. This significant investment is testament to PZ Cussons’ innovation and our commitment to continuously improving how we do things.

Accredited Facilities

Over the past year two more of our sites have been accredited as part of an ongoing global programme to standardise our management systems. Sites in Greece, UK, Indonesia and Thailand are now certified in the internationally recognised Occupational Health and Safety management system OHSAS 18001.

Empowering our people

We empower and encourage our employees to identify and report hazards or near misses and to personally conduct work place risk assessments as part of personal objectives. We employ health and safety specialists in all of our operating units and health and safety committees with cross functional and cross hierarchical representation exist at all sites.

Supporting better health

Where appropriate, PZ Cussons provides on-site medical facilities and health monitoring programmes for employees, which has extended to our joint venture partnership in Nigeria (PZ Wilmar). We continue to build on our traditional programmes, which focus on workplace behaviours, coupled with helping employees understand any personal health risks.

Reporting performance in Health and Safety

PZ Cussons currently reports on a number of elements to provide 360 degree picture of good health and safety performance that can quickly highlight any issues which may need escalating. We are currently installing a common system across the business to standardise this approach and ensure accurate statistics. The benefit of this is not only to track performance and report corporately, but the intention is also to drive the broader health and safety improvement plan so that sites can internally benchmark and keep track of their progress.